Saturday, August 28, 2010

So What? I'm Still A Rock Star

So back in June I wrote about going to see Joshua Bell and the Academy of St Martin In The Fields perform in Brisbane and that they were awesome. The following week I toddled off to my own orchestra practice to find that we were going to be playing the same Beethoven Symphony that old mate Josh played with his professional orchestra friends. Wowzers. Now a bit of background. I love orchestra. I hope that one day I will write a sitcom about my orchestra because it is hilarious. We are a community orchestra, not a single one of us professional musicians, most of us over the age of 250. But David, our enigmatic, music-obsessed conductor keeps us laughing. Well those of us that can still hear him.

Here is another orchestra (not us) playing the third movement of the symphony.

Not easy. At all. But I think overall we did a marvellous job. I think I even played most of the notes!! Yay me!!

Now I am at my parents house cooking curry for dinner. It is FREEZING in here. And by freezing I mean about 18C. And I'm wearing leggings, a jumper my Nanna knitted in the 80's, socks with owls on them and a Mimco headband. I look bloody amazing.

Sometimes I fear that my rock star lifestyle is getting to be too much for me.


Hyacinth Marius said...

For those who find this tempo too fast, their mind and ears are slow.