Friday, October 1, 2010


Is everyone up with the wonder that is Glee? The second season has been on for two weeks here in Oz. I was super late in catching up with the craze but boy am I glad I have!! I love it!! Yes it is cheesy, but in the very best way. Here is the finale of Season 1.


Ash said...

Glee is fantastic, I started watching this past Spring and spent the rest of summer catching up. We just started season three and so far the first two episodes were a little disappointing. Even though everyone hates Rachel I think she is pretty great.

Thomas at My Porch said...

Alas we are two episodes into the newest season and it has been somewhat of a disappointment so far. Hopefully it will improve.

Jackee said...

My favorite song they've done! :o) The show is a riot. I've even got all my friends addicted now.

Thanks for sharing and it's great to "meet" you!


Elise said...

We've just had the first two episodes of the new season here as well. I'm not disappointed yet!! I suppose since I came to it so late I had just finished the first season and went straight on, I'm still loving it!!

Jackee it's lovely to meet you too :)