Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Paul Smith and Tender Morsels

In February I went to England for a very quick holiday and during this time I went to Cambridge, where I dream of being a student one day. While I was there I visited Cambridge Contemporary Art Gallery where I saw these divine sculptures by Paul Smith:

Wild Honey



I was completely delighted by them when I saw them initially but now I am reading Tender Morsels by Margo Lanagan (nearly finished, review up soon!), a retelling of Snow White and Rose Red in which two sisters befriend a bear, and I thought these sculptures were such a serendipitous illustration of the story that I had to share them. Paul Smith gets inspiration from fairy tales for several of his sculptures and I am not sure whether Snow White and Rose Red was specifically inspiration for these. Aren't they just divine?

Pictures are from here
Paul Smith's Website here


Ali said...

Those are so beautiful. I want one! (Of course, around here it would just get broken, so maybe in 10 years).

Anonymous said...

They are lovely images, so like the cover on Tender Morsels, did I read somewhere that Shaun Tan did that cover? It is a book I must get I have only heard good things about it.

Elise said...

Aren't they just divine?

Ali perhaps a bronze one would be suitable for you!! I wish I had bought one when I was there, he does some quite little ones.

Book pusher, Shaun Tan did do the cover of Tender Morsels, everything he does is beautiful. Sadly I have a library copy of the book at the moment which has trees on the cover. I nearly bought myself the Shaun Tan cover version today! Resisted, only to buy another copy of Wuthering Heights. Oops!

Jodie said...

These are lovely. I like Beloved the best, wolves lines are just so pretty.

Aimee said...

Ohmigosh I love these! Wild Honey all the way...the bear looks like he is warmed by that cuddle just as much as she is...I may have to do a future post on this if you don't mind, giving you the credit, of course!


Elise said...

Jodie I agree that the wolf is beautiful but I think I'm with Aimee and like the bears the best!! I love the idea of something so savage being so cuddly really!!

And Aimee of course you can use these :) They're too gorgeous not to share!!

Nymeth said...

Those are just gorgeous!

Ash said...

This are wonderful! I really like the Spellbound one.