Sunday, March 28, 2010

Surprise Wedding

Have you ever been to a wedding dressed as a baboon? Well now I can say that I have!!

Last night was my friend's "engagement party", the theme was movies and costumes were compulsory. Well I am one of those horrible people who hear the word 'costume' and think that I must therefore go as extreme as possible. Therefore NEVER be human unless there is absolutely no alternative. So that is how I found myself at this party dressed as Rafiki from the Lion King, complete with an entire can of white hairspray and face-paint.

So the party was going swimmingly, there was lots of wine, lots of fabulous costumes (though mainly on a 'human' theme) and lots of fun to be had. Until the bride, groom, bridesmaids and groomsmen disappeared. Now I will admit that I didn't notice they disappeared so when everything went quiet and Pachelbel's Canon started playing and bridesmaids started appearing I was initially confused. 'Are they showcasing the bridesmaid's dresses?' I cleverly thought, 'Surely not!'. Of course the appearance of the bride in her beautiful wedding dress alerted me to the fact that PERHAPS they were getting married now.

Which they did. It was the most beautiful, fun, relaxed wedding I have ever been to. No one had any idea what was coming and the happy couple were just radiant. The guests all looked ridiculous and the celebrant was Darth Vader! Oh what a night!

Am now off to wash the lingering hairspray out of my hair. That's right. May the force be with you.


Ali said...

Okay, that probably qualifies as the most awesome wedding story ever. How fun!

Elise said...

Ali it was lovely, a night I'll never forget!

Aimee said...

Dude, that is awesome. Was it Sal's sis? I saw some telling comments on facebook that it was. And RAFIKI - you are seriously cool.


Elise said...

It was Sal's sister!! Ah it was so exciting!! And thank you for the 'seriously cool' affirmation!! I AM seriously cool!!

curtis03 Lewis said...

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