Sunday, March 14, 2010

Photoshop exploits

So I have been trying to make my blog a bit prettier and more exciting as well as working on some other projects. One thing I like to do, though am not technically skilled in, is fiddle with photoshop. I recently went to London and kept a journal for the 2 weeks I was there and am now in the process of prettying it up into a book, which I can publish on Lulu which is rather exciting!! So in order to pretty it up, I have been making pages for it in photoshop. I wish I knew what I was doing more, but I have come up with some pretty things... Here is a Taylor Swift thing I made:


That took me forever. And I can't remember now exactly how I did it, but I like that it looks like a drawing. So now the plan is to make lots and lots of pictures, journal entries, photos and illustrations and have them published into a little book. My very own book. It is very exciting.


Aimee said...

Hooray! Comments work.

Now I am quite envious of your photoshop prowess - I don't think I've ever used the program, I'm so scared of it! So well done!

Your blog is certainly looking delightful - I love the papery feel of it at the moment, very clean and writing-y :D blogs are very evolving things arent they?

And I do wonder how you're going with Tender Morsels...its a little heavy for its theme but i LOVE the writing as well as the story, but i don't mind if you hate LONG AS YOU TELL ME WHY!


Anonymous said...

very cool post

Elise said...

Aims I'm only 50 pages into Tender Morsels but I'm loving it at the moment. It currently has that awful Fall To Your Knees (Ann Marie Macdonald - have you read it?) feeling where it is horrible but you just can't put it down!! But I'll let you know the minute I finish it!!

Thanks for the comment!! Yay!!