Tuesday, April 6, 2010

3 Big Books

Reading is something I just love but often find difficult to fit into my day. Subsequently my reading list is MASSIVE and my 'have-read' list is embarrassingly devoid of several must-reads. I am a full time shift worker, have just finished post-grad uni (finally!), play violin in an orchestra, socialise and so on and so forth and by the time all that is over I am tired. So I set myself little goals, like my '50 Pages a Day' goal, my '5 Classics a Year' goal and this year a new one. The '3 Big Books' goal. I have so many 'Big Books' on my shelf that I avoid because they are too cumbersome!! NOT a good excuse not to read a book!! So my 3 Big Books for 2010 are:

A S Byatt, how I love you! 'Possession' is one of my favourite books ever. Ever ever ever. So I was very excited to see the beautiful cover of 'The Children's Book' (with GOLD on it!!). I actually started reading this in October soon after it came out in Australia and got a quarter of the way through and then had a bit of an accident (involving skydiving and a dislocated shoulder) and literally couldn't pick it up again!! Plan to finish this.

Gone With The Wind. I hang my head in shame. I haven't ever read it all the way through. Again, it is one I started in 2008, when I was backpacking. I got about half way through and then it was given to a second hand book store because I was massively culling. Devastating I know. It was the book or the coat and I was heading to Poland in winter... I plan to restart this one.

The Kindly Ones is apparently the new War and Peace so I want to read it. In saying that I haven't read War and Peace. But, like, I seriously, know it's, like, totally, a big deal. Plus it is a fictional account of WW2 with a mixture of factual and fictional characters and this appeals to me.

Anybody read any of these?

In other news, I am listening to Wuthering Heights by Kate Bush. Yay!! And I just made an amazing bolognese sauce. And Sarah Waters and Markus Zusak are on First Tuesday Book Club on ABC tonight for all those Aussies!! Should be a fab show.


Aimee said...

am SO excited for 1st Tues BC tonight!! it really is too much.

and i will need to read The Children's Book and Gone With The Wind...we should set a date to have them read by! I NEED to do this!

Jodie said...

I'm looking forward to 'The Children's Book'.

Ash said...

I've never read any of this but I'm hoping to read Gone With the Wind this year. I'm afraid I'm going to end up trying to read all of my big books during the summer and then I'll get tired. We shall see.

Jo said...

You have a FABULOUS blog, and an eclectic reading list. I like that in a person. Read, read, read...!

I have just been reading through your blog, and I completely agree about The Blind Side. What a wonderful movie!



Elise said...

Aimee I think you're right, a deadline is what we need. Perhaps end of August? That is achievable isn't it?

Jodie the first quarter is really good. I just love A S Byatt's writing!

Ash, I know what you mean about getting tired. No matter how good a book is, 700+ pages is a lot!

Jo, thank you so much! I really appreciate comments like that as I am brand new to blogging! I love your blog as well :)

Nymeth said...

Infinite hearts for The Children's Book! I loved it as much as Possession, and that's saying A LOT.

Anonymous said...

The Children's Book is great, kind of worth lingering over. Sympathy for shoulder, hope it dosn't happen again.