Thursday, April 8, 2010

Dawn and Lenny :(

So it has officially been announced on BBC news that Dawn French and Lenny Henry have split after 25 years of marriage. I think this is so sad. As previously mentioned I am a huge fan (skipping opportunity for inappropriate Dawn French joke here) of French and Saunders and love everything they have done. This includes their husbands. Very poor phrasing there but I'm going to be cheeky and leave it in! So when a friend rang me yesterday and announced in a very sombre voice that Dawn and Lenny had separated I was a bit shocked and sad.

25 years is a very long time to be married and I suppose not everything works out. However I really thought these guys would. In Dawn's 2008 book Dear Fatty (a memoir in the form of letters) she wrote a beautiful love letter to Lenny...
Dear Len,
Really this book should be called Dear Len and simply be one big long love letter to you. It's hard to know how to sum up everything I want to say to you in one letter. We have been married for 24 years now, and we were together a couple of years before that, so half of my whole life is you. You. You. Obviously there are things i can't and won't write about in these pages because we both, but especially you, are quite rightly very private about our life together, but when I think hard about who you are to me, and what I really want to say to you, it is, essentially, thank you.
I am sure that Dawn and Lenny have thought long and hard about their decision and have come to the right decision for them and how can one not have a huge respect for them for being brave and making this decision? And I am the first to admit that I really have no right to pass judgement or draw my own conclusions to the dissolution of a once happy marriage so I just shan't.

All I can say is 'Hmmmm, what a mighty shame'. All the best for the future Dawn and Lenny, may happiness find you.

Here is a video of happier times:

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Thomas at My Porch said...

Sad to hear about Dawn and Len, but what a hilarious clip. I hadn't seen this one before. Jennifer's character reminds me a bit of my neurotic tendencies. Thank god for therapy.

Elise said...

I agree, hilarious clip. Well obviously, given that I posted it!! I remember the first time I saw it and thought it was genius!!

Nicola said...

Awww...Poor Denny. I thought they'd always be together...except that I didn't because that would imply that I cared.

ps. You're a tragic. But I'm your sister and I'm allowed to say that...