Monday, July 19, 2010

Hairnets and Holidays

So I have just come back from an amazing weekend away with Aimee over at My Fluttering Heart (where you will find a similar post, without the rant about hairnets) and 7 other fabulous people. We did a fabulous amount of nothing, sleeping til 11 some days, laid on the multitude of couches, lit fires (and discovered that we WERE in fact amazing girl scouts), toasted marshmallows and played endless rounds of Trivial Pursuit. It was so much fun. So so much fun. We went to the Bunya Mountains which are about 4 hours West of Brisbane and are the home of parrots, bowerbirds, wallabies (yay) and ticks (not yay).

The weekend was full of those amazing moments that you wish you could just store in a magic lamp to replay at will. The discovery that we had in fact brought approximately 8kg of lollies. The moment when we spontaneously broke into Total Eclipse of the Heart but couldn't remember why. Having a sing-a-long in which my sister sang an indescribably moving original song and everyone joined in on the final refrain. Finding a bower bird's beautiful almost glittering blue next. Playing Trivial Pursuit and being asked a question in which the answer was My Heart Will Go On and obviously then singing the. entire. song. Finding an old book about gnomes and regaling everyone with endless 'facts' about them. Oh such fun.

Picture courtesy of my friend's iphone

On a less magical note, what is it with hairnets? I went to the supermarket this afternoon and was getting something from the deli and everyone there was wearing hairnets. Getting dirty hair in my food was never something I had thought of or was concerned about until I saw people wearing hairnets. Then my mind was drawn to the disgusting flaky scalps and thick greasy hair that were stewing beneath those hairnets and will now inevitably end up in my food when the offending hairnet is gallantly removed and hair escapes, Baywatch stlye, on all the olives and feta cheese. It is just gross.


Anonymous said...

If I had to wear a hair net, I would definitely bedazzle it. Rhinestones make everything better.

Mumsey said...

Oh that time out with friends sounds so great, I am inspired to get a few friends to do the same

Elise said...

Historyofshe - you're completely right, sparkles make the world go round!

Mumsey - you should definitely do it, so much fun!!

albina N muro said...

chack out this ~! activity holidays