Thursday, July 29, 2010

Music I Can't Stop Listening To...

My sister is a musical connoisseur of sorts. She is an awesome musician herself, playing violin, cello, piano, guitar and singing, and is an amazing song-writer as well. But she just loves music. Every time I see her she has a new song for me to listen to which for me, is a bit of a hit and miss game. What frustrates her the most is when I am completely uninterested in a song and then tell HER about it next time I see her as though I discovered it. This happens a lot. Sorry.

However recently she played me this beautiful song by Meghan Tonjes (who made a start on youtube) and I immediately scurried off and bought her album from itunes and have been playing it ever since!!

The WHOLE album is as awesome as this song!! When does that ever happen? I think that she is just marvellous and should be listened to on repeat by everyone forever. There you go.


Aimee said...

surely one of her inspirations is Katie Noonan? Sounds a lot like her. Beautiful.