Friday, July 9, 2010

Underwhelmed Not Carried Away

Last weekend my two besties and myself went to see Sex and the City 2, like, seriously late. We had planned to see it earlier but figured it would be a good one to see now to escape all the Twilight hype!! I never watched the show, but really quite enjoyed the first movie, I can appreciate it for what its worth without being a snob (which sometimes I unfaily am!!). However number 2? It really was a poo. Sorry fans. I was really underwhelmed and disappointed. I leaned over in my seat to shine the seating light on my watch to see how much longer I had to sit there and thinking to myself "I hope I don't miss too much of The Princess Diaries" which was on TV that night. Tragic.

I think it just took lavishness way too far. It began with the gay wedding of Carrie's friend Stanford and Charlotte's friend Whatshisname which was just too much. Too too much. Although in saying that, the highlight of the movie for me was during the wedding scene with a very random appearance singing and dancing to Single Ladies in what I think was supposed to be a dress, but in fact looked like a daggy, daggy jumper. OK, a daggy, daggy jumper with sequins on it. And though I am the first person to jump to the defense of sequins, not even the sparkle could save the atrociousness of her outfit.

And isn't this show supposed to be all about the fashion? You can be sure of 4 things when you watch anything from the Sex and the City franchise: 1. Samantha WILL have sex. 2. There will be shirtless men, mostly around Samantha. 3. You will have to lean out of your seat to see around Carrie's nose. and 4. There will be awesome clothes. Again, disappointed. In this film they looked mostly ridiculous, most of the time. All the clothing did for me was make me think of all the other things they could have spent this film's budget on. The starving children in Africa? Breast cancer research? Refugee health? Rescuing nurses from the unsightly clown pants that you just can't run away from? Hell at least that one has a fashion focus!

Then they go to Abu Dhabi. I have never felt more uncomfortable in a cinema in my life. I understand that they were going for politically incorrect jokes and that that was the point, but I just felt that it went too far too many times. I just wanted to crawl out of the cinema with my head in a paper bag and go safely home to Anne Hathaway and Julie Andrews. Which I duly did. The minute the credits started rolling. Sorry Best Boy and Gaffer, I know it is rude to walk out of the cinema prior to the end of the credits... I do acknowledge your work. I think it was probably the best of the lot.

For all you fans out there, I apologise for slaughtering something you love. It just didn't do it for me. Perhaps I didn't need to be so scathing. You can say what you like about Harry Potter when it comes out and I won't hold a single thing against you. I promise.


Jodie said...

Oh sad! I didn't see it because it seemed unnecessary to have a second one, but thought I might get it on dvd. I do not believe the whole Stanford and Anthony wedding! I can see a quick snog in the first film, but ever lasting love - no - Stanford deserves better and Anthony wants someone different.

Karen said...

I haven't even gone to see this yet - from what I have heard it just hasn't seemed necessary! I might just watch the first one all over again instead I think!

Electra said...

LOL!!! You've made my day with this review and I'm so grateful to have decided to wait until it comes out of video.