Thursday, September 2, 2010

Salt Reduced

So yesterday evening I went to see Salt with the [insert adjective of your choice] Angelina Jolie. I was really excited to see it until my housemate came home and said that she didn't love it and felt a bit cheated at the ending. Nevertheless we decided to go ahead (the possibility of seeing a Harry Potter preview always in our minds).

Salt is an action movie in the likeness of The Bourne trilogy (so I'm told, I haven't seen any of them). I have never been one to leap at action, but as previews are becoming increasingly enticing I couldn't resist. So Salt is about a woman named Evelyn Salt who works for the CIA and may or may not be a Russian spy. Then a lot of action and guns and explosions occur, intermingled with a generous helping of confusion and plot twists and finished off with a dollop of unsatisfying ending.

I just can't help feeling that the whole point of this movie was for Angelina to change hair colour half way through and to leave it open for a sequel. Not the best movie ever (which by the way is The Sound of Music) but still enjoyable.


Anonymous said...

I wasn't totally impressed with Salt-- such a good concept but not a fabulous rendition. I would suggest the Bourne trilogy though...