Thursday, September 16, 2010

Tomorrow, When The John Marsden Obsession Began

On Monday I went to a screening of Tomorrow, When The War Began followed by a question and answer session and a book signing with THE John Marsden. I am entirely unaware of how big a deal this is to anyone outside of Australia, but if you were growing up in Australia in the 90s it is a REALLY BIG DEAL! For those who aren't aware Tomorrow When The War Began (first published in 1993) is about a group of teenagers in Wirrawee, a fictional rural town, who decide to go on a camping trip prior to going back to school. They venture further than they ever have before, into Hell, a wild valley surrounded by mountains, virtually inaccessible. While they are away Australia is invaded by an unidentified enemy and a war begins.

Just even writing that little synopsis gives me goosebumps!! This book turned into an epic series of 7 which was unrelentingly exciting and devastating. So just over a year ago they announced that they were making a movie that would star Caitlin Stasey (from Neighbours) and Lincoln Lewis (from Home and Away). You could hear all John Marsden fans collectively groan, sigh and bitch about what a disaster this movie would be. Of course we would all go though, just to be sure they royally stuffed it up!!

Well how wrong we were. I will admit that one friend of mine called it "Neighbours with explosives", but I LOVED IT. Every feeling I felt when reading this book 13 years ago came screaming back to me, every tingle, every jump, every tear, my heart beat faster, I was shallow breathing, I completely LIVED this movie. Everything looked as it did in my imagination and I didn't feel let down at all. Yay.

But then John Marsden came out. He was divine!! He was so down to earth, chatty, hilariously funny, smart, just wonderful wonderful wonderful. I met him, he signed all of my books (bless his cotton socks) and had a lovely chat with me and my friends. It was so wonderful for us to have the opportunity to tell him how much his books meant to us. He was so humble and generous and I just loved the whole day.

John Marsden, you are amazing!! You're books made me laugh, cry, scream and run faster during high school cross country pretending I was Ellie and her friends. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to meet you, and relive my childhood for a little while.

Here is the preview for the film, which if you have the opportunity, please go and see. Hopefully you'll find it as satisfying and wonderful as I did.


Mumsey said...

My eldest four children and hubby have read all the books and all went to gether a couple of weeks ago to the movie.
My 19 yer old son was not impressed with the movie as he said it just didn't match the book.
How ever my youngest who has not read the book thought it was a great movie.
I suppose it is one of those things that that book and movie will never really match.

Amused said...

I haven't heard of this before so I'll have to keep an eye out for it for when it hits the US!