Friday, June 4, 2010

Embarrassing Celebrity Crush

Oh Em Gee... I have an increasingly embarrassing celebrity crush on none other than... Simon Cowell.

This crush resurfaces about this time every year, Britain's Got Talent time of year!! Woot!! Living in Australia I don't have ready access to BGT (as the cool people call it) and will spend hours mercilessly youtubing it. Tragic yes? Piers is a nice guy, yes, but a bit squidgy, a little bit pompous and quite annoying. Amanda is lovely, really nice, I like looking at her hair and dresses. But Simon. Oh Simon. When you smile with your very white very straight teeth... and get cranky at people who in fact DON'T have talent... and call the little old ladies Darling... well I love you just a little bit.

I usually forget about him once BGT has finished for the year. I suppose it isn't true love.


Ash said...

I don't think that's a horrible crush to have. I think he's hilarious, although he should button his shirt up a little more sometimes.

Karen said...

I am so glad to hear someone else confess to this crush! I'm completely there too!

Richard C. Lambert said...

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